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  • Historical items sought

    Keesler Medical Center is seeking historical memorabilia to display in its new Heritage Holding Center. The display is on the first floor near the outpatient clinic lobby escalator. The plan is to display artwork, photos and items related to the facility's history, dating back to the opening of Keesler in June 1941. For more information, call Steve
  • Training supporters welcome new leader

    Lt. Col. Dale King relinquishes command of the 81st Training Support Squadron to Lt. Col. Kevin O'Rourke, 2 p.m. June 14 at Welch Auditorium. Colonel O'Rourke comes to Keesler from the Pentagon, where he's been assigned to Air Staff and involved with operations, plans and requirements. Colonel King, who's retiring, has commanded the squadron for
  • Base, VA efforts attract attention of DOD official

    Sharing services was the magnet that drew Defense Department and Veterans Affairs officials to Keesler Medical Center and the Biloxi VA Medical Center last week. The two medical facilities hosted a visit by Dr. Stephen Jones, principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, and other DOD and VA officials May 31 and Friday. "I was
  • Keesler marks 66 years of training warriors

    Even before there was an Air Force, there was a Keesler Field. Tuesday, Keesler turns 66, making the base more than six years older than the service to which it belongs. For more than six decades, Keesler has trained nearly 2.3 million American and foreign military people in a broad range of subjects and disciplines. June 12, 1941, the original
  • Medical center replaces MRI system hurricane destroyed

    Keesler Medical Center's magnetic resonance imaging system is "up and running." Located in the former X-ray film library in the rear of the 81st Medical Operations Squadron's radiology department, the MRI technicians currently are scanning a limited number of patients until radiologist and technician staffing increases this summer. The new MRI