Introducing Dragon Chat: Keesler’s latest take on Wingman Day

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  • By Airman 1st Class Suzie Plotnikov
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

The 81st Training Wing is changing up Wingman Day, April 19, by introducing a new initiative called Dragon Chat.

Dragon Chat is a new concept that refocuses the Wingman Day idea on small-group discussions. Despite the change, the goal will still be to enhance the resiliency of individuals, families and communities in an effort to sustain their ability to carry out the Air Force mission.

Instead of shutting down a unit’s work area for an extended period of time for Wingman Day, units can now dedicate an hour during the day to talk about a variety of topics to build more than just a working relationship.

“The Dragon Chat is a way for all Airmen, military and civilian, to connect with one another, support the Air Force mission, heritage and Core Values,” said Liz Waters, 81st TRW community support coordinator. “The groups will contain less than 15 people and they can meet at any time, in any setting, for one hour a month.”

The topics discussed will be chosen by the squadron commander and led by a squadron-designated facilitator.

“We want to give as much flexibility to the work center and to the squadron,” said Col. Debra Lovette, 81st TRW commander. “There will be multiple tools available to talk about varying topics in different ways. It can be movie clips, Ted Talks, or it can just be a paper that goes through questions that facilitates a conversation.”

Dragon Chat is designed to keep the Wingman Day’s tradition going, but on a more frequent basis. Lovette hopes Airmen take advantage of this time to build better relationships with one another.

“I hope that you [Airmen] learn a bit more about the people you’re working with, maybe something you wouldn’t have ordinarily known because you’re too busy working next to them,” said Lovette. “There are relationships that can grow in small group conversations that will never grow in a strictly work conversation. I consider this an investment because if you ever have an issue, a crisis or some problem you’re trying to work through maybe you’ll have someone to lean on.”

If you would like to learn more about Dragon Chat, or get ideas on what to discuss, contact Liz Waters at 228-377-9021 or

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