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  • Keesler Dragon Chat named ‘AETC Best Practice’

    Keesler’s initiative that encourages offices to take time each month to discuss important topics, dubbed ‘Dragon Chats’, was named a best practice by the Air Education and Training Command’s inspector general following a unit effectiveness inspection in September. Dragon Chats are small core

  • Introducing Dragon Chat: Keesler’s latest take on Wingman Day

    The 81st Training Wing is changing up Wingman Day, April 19, by introducing a new initiative called Dragon Chat. Dragon Chat is a new concept that refocuses the Wingman Day idea on small-group discussions. Despite the change, the goal will still be to enhance the resiliency of individuals, families

  • Wingman Day boosts resiliency at Keesler

    Airmen from Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, participated in a Wingman Day resiliency event Nov. 16. During Keesler’s previous wingman days units participated in morale boosting activities like fun runs and sporting competitions while also attending unit-wide Comprehensive Airman Fitness