The Edge of Vision: SNITS

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lts. Anissa Tran and Anthony Kallhoff
  • 333rd Training Squadron

Did you know that every human eye has a blind spot? It doesn’t matter who you are, your eye has a spot void of receptors that can’t see a thing.  

Don’t believe me? You can test it for yourself! Search online for “how to find your blind spot,” and you’ll find a slew of articles that will guide you to find your very real and extremely bizarre blind spot.

However, what those articles won’t tell you, is that something lives in those blind spots.  At the edge of your perception, you might find students doing great things. The 333rd Training Squadron, home of the ‘Mad Ducks’, often has dozens of students not in training. 

While awaiting the start date for their official cyberspace training, SNITs help out across Keesler Air Force Base in a myriad of roles.

Take for instance, the efforts of the Lieutenants who uploaded patient charts, freeing up 81st Medical Group doctors and medical staff to focus on patients. Or the demanding work of the Lieutenants who helped the 336th TRS develop new study material for certification tests.

These two examples represent only a small fraction of the work being done by dozens of SNITs all over the installation.

The SNITs from the 333rd TRS are valuable utility players for Team Keesler.  Now that you know, maybe you’ll notice that there are some phenomenal students hard at work out in many of our blind spots. 

If you have any questions or requests for SNIT assistance, please contact the 333rd TRS Student Management Flight at 228-377-2106.