Comptroller comments on Cost Conscious Culture

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Amber Bell
  • 81st Comptroller Squadron
When I was told I would be Keesler's Cost Conscious Culture program manager, I honestly wasn't quite sure what to think. I first had to remind myself of what C3 stood for, and second, I had to figure out exactly what a base's C3 program manager was supposed to do. With a lot of support and encouragement from my leadership, I developed a plan and began working on getting the C3 message to the base.

When I started collecting the data on Keesler's C3 initiatives and ideas, I was really surprised. There are so many money-saving changes being put into place here at Keesler. Considering our projected annual savings from the projects is $15.37 million, that's impressive news!

Across the base, people have taken initiative to look for ways to improve processes and creative ways to save. It's starting to sink in that saving money and cutting costs isn't an option -- it is an absolute necessity.

One of the things I like most about Air Education and Training Command's C3 initiative is that it challenges everyone to save $3 per day. This program really promotes a level of personal involvement and understanding about the everyday costs of our mission. Members are encouraged to consider and discuss our consumption of supplies and utilities, wasteful practices and unnecessary expenses. It is really great that so many small cost-saving adjustments have been identified.

Something as simple as turning off your monitor at the end of the day can easily be implemented into daily practices and routines. The changes may seem insignificant on a personal level, but when these practices are implemented across a wing, major command or the Air Force  substantial savings can be realized.

AETC's goal is to make sure all members know about the C3 initiative and incorporate the C3 way of thinking into our everyday thoughts and actions. I'm proud to announce that Keesler has a team of Airmen who are working to promote C3 and encourage discussion and implementation of cost-saving ideas. These Airmen come from eight different squadrons across base, and bring many new perspectives and creative ideas to Keesler's C3 program.