Make AADD your last call

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Brandon Wallis
  • 335th Training Squadron
"Who wants a cold one?" For those that drink, these can be welcome words, indeed! However, the act of drinking alcohol comes with certain responsibilities. One, is having a game plan already in place so you can get home legally and safely. Individuals that drink and then decide to climb behind the wheel are doing more than taking a personal risk -- such a decision puts many lives at stake, including other drivers that may be harmed or killed from simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Programs such as Airmen Against Drunk Driving offer a service that is oriented toward helping you have a good time, while still making good decisions. Our volunteer drivers are available to pick up any Department of Defense identification card holder, of any rank or service, active duty, guard or reserve. We are also more than happy to assist your dependents, as long as they have their DOD ID card with them. Every caller is guaranteed anonymity as long as they are not violating laws or regulations.

How can you take advantage of our free service? Contact the dispatcher on Friday or Saturday nights 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Drivers are also available Thursday nights before down Fridays, as well as Sunday nights prior to Monday holidays. You can ask for a ride at 228-377-7283. Write it down now, while sober. Store it in your wallet or purse in case you find yourself in a tight spot later, and we'll lend a hand. We can come pick you up as far west as Highway 49 in Gulfport, as far east as Highway 57 in Ocean Springs or within a couple of miles north of Interstate 10. All drivers are pre-screened by a dispatcher, to verify their identity, proof of insurance and valid driver's license. Additionally, we have drivers of both genders.

Reflect on these facts, and make the right choice next time you drink:

· In 2010, nearly one-third of all United States trafficrelated deaths were the result of crashes involving alcohol
· In 2010, there were more than 1.4 million arrests for driving under the influence.
· Even on a first conviction of a DUI in Mississippi, your license will be suspended between 90 days to one year, you will be fined $250 - $1,000, and you'll spend at least 48 hours in jail; those are just the civilian penalties! This does not even weigh in potential punitive actions involving Article 111 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice regarding drunken or reckless operation of vehicle, aircraft or vessel.

Don't damage your career. Don't be labeled a criminal. Don't jeopardize your life, or the safety of others. Make us your last call, before last call. 228-377-7283.

If you're looking for a volunteer opportunity, now is a great time to consider AADD. Upcoming spring and summer events will result in an increase of alcohol use and traffic flow. Volunteer drivers and dispatchers are always welcome. If you want to save lives, email