Inspection readiness: a different perspective

  • Published
  • By Maj. John Ponton
  • 81st Force Support Squadron commander
For nearly 30 years, I've participated in numerous inspections, both being inspected and inspecting other organizations. As we prepare for the upcoming Consolidated Unit Inspection, or CUI, I would like to address the need for all members of the 81st Training Wing to take care of not only themselves but each other.

Airmen across the wing are obviously running checklists, running them again and having others run them as well. This is the normal course of events for any major inspection, as it should be. But there is another component of the process that we cannot overlook, which is to ensure we maintain mental, physical and spiritual well being. This becomes more and more important especially as the inspection looms closer and the stress level is ratcheted upward. In other words, we all need to "blow off some steam" from time to time.

With this in mind, your Force Support Squadron will be working harder than ever to provide outlets for recreation and relaxation for our Keesler community. And despite our own intensive CUI preparations, we will host many of our largest events of the year. Among these are the Octoberfest Beer tasting with over 50 venders and our always popular "Ghouls in the Park" event.

Some may wonder why we host all these events that seemingly have nothing to do with inspection readiness. The answer is a simple one. We care about our wing's success and we care that anxiety rates will increase as the CUI approaches. With that in mind, I encourage all Keesler members to take advantage of all the activities your Force Support Squadron has planned, both leading up to the inspection and throughout the new year. Team Keesler is working extremely hard, but don't forget to play hard too. Your well being depends upon it!