It feels great to help!

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Brad Spacy
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs
Last year my wife Lisa and I helped build houses for underprivileged families. We also helped children suffering from cancer. We brought food to starving people in Africa and helped build water pumps that bring fresh water to drought-stricken villages. We love children, so we made sure to help feed starving children in South America. We also love animals so we helped rescue abused pets and find them happy homes. It feels great to help!

Of course we didn't actually do all of this...We love to volunteer locally when we can, but we have a busy life in the Air Force and there simply isn't enough time to travel around the world doing these great things. No, we couldn't do all these things ourselves, but we really want to help. So we donate money through the Combined Federal Campaign and we help other people actually do these wonderful things--and it feels really great to help!

Sometimes I am asked how I would convince people to donate money through the CFC. I always answer by saying that I don't want to convince people to donate; I want people to learn about the different organizations in CFC and the work they do. I have found that when people learn about the good work going on all over the world, most of them want to be a part of it. More often than not their interest leads to involvement and that leads donations. And they always feel good when they help.

I just got my CFC listing of all the charities and what they do. Tonight Lisa and I will sit down together and decide how we can help people this year. I think we should help build more houses, and help cure cancer, and feed children, and of course save animals!

Take a minute to learn about the Combined Federal Campaign; it really feels great to help, and even if you only give a little, it really helps a lot!