Illustrator tells Keesler's story through graphics

  • Published
  • By Terry Lee
  • K-MAR Industries, Inc.
Like most of you, I get asked on occasion what it is that I do for a living. The simple answer is, "I am an illustrator." However, the simple answer doesn't really tell the whole story. What does an illustrator do, and why are illustrators a necessary part of the Air Force mission at Keesler?

As an illustrator, I provide support for the production of colorful posters, informative signs, charts, graphs and other visual aids that assist in communicating ideas and providing information. In addition, our graphics department offers the ability to mount these items on foamcore and laminate them, as well as applying a decorative and protective perimeter edge trim in a variety of colors and finishes.

My immediate employer is K-MAR Industries, Inc., the company contracted by the government operating under the Multimedia Support Services Contract. I work in the multimedia center at Wall Studio, which also houses the public affairs offices. In fact, our contract falls under the public affairs umbrella, and it is through this group that KMI supports the public affairs mission, championing the Air Force story, through the services we provide. One of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to work with the men and women in public affairs; in my opinion, these are some of the finest people you will find in the U.S. Air Force.

Wall Studio is referred to as the multimedia center because, although as an illustrator my focus is on graphic design and static displays, multimedia incorporates all manners of visual and audio information to communicate its message. Therefore, in addition to the previous list of products my particular department supports, KMI also maintains the Keesler Commander's Access Channel, provides photography services, engraving of nameplates and signs, video documentation and full video production services. If you require such support for your official training or other mission essential needs, the staff at Wall Studio is here for you.

So I guess the right answer to the question of what I do for a living should be that I work for you; if you have a need for our services, or if you just want to stop by and learn more about what it is we do here at Wall Studio, feel free to come see us. We'll be glad to help you.