Who needs to be ready for a logistics inspection? Everyone!

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Greg Touhill
  • 81st Training Wing commander
Are you ready for the Air Education and Training Command's Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Team inspection? 

The team visits us the last week of the month and takes a look at every unit and individual on base. As the team's arrival nears, now's the time for all of us to finalize our preparations.
Who needs to be ready? Everyone! There are plenty of examples everywhere.
Are you a military member? Now's the time to work with your unit deployment manager to make sure your readiness folder is up to date and in proper order. 

Are you an equipment custodian? Now's the time to make sure you have a current inventory of all your holdings and you've done a 100 percent hands-on inventory to ensure everything is in its place. 

Are you a vehicle custodian? Now's the time to check to make sure your paperwork is up to speed, all appropriate maintenance has been done and daily vehicle inspection logs are properly certified. 

Are you involved in maintenance activities? Now's the time to double-check your documentation to ensure you have all required technical orders, your maintenance data collection records are current and accurate, your tools are properly accounted for and stored and your supplies are properly managed. 

What about everyone else? Now's the time to brush up on our customs and courtesies to make sure we treat our guests right. Remember what we learned in our basic training, "If it moves, salute it!" Saluting is a sign of mutual respect and when rendered properly, sends a clear signal to our inspectors that we are professionals.
Military, civilian or contractor ... now's also the time to pick up around our offices and shops, in our buildings and out around our base. No matter where we came from, Keesler is our home. Let's make it look sharp. Please join me in picking up litter and waste around our base and recycling wherever possible. 

Speaking of looking sharp, let's make sure we do a double-check on our uniforms and personal appearance. Supervisors ought to be regularly coaching their subordinates to have proper haircuts and sharp uniforms. Please join me in paying attention to dress and appearance. Refrain from chewing gum in uniform. Don't use the cell phone while walking in uniform. Keep your uniform clean and ready for inspection every day. Nothing screams professional better than a sharp Airman, properly groomed and attired, observing proper customs and courtesies. 

Now's the time for all of us at Keesler to demonstrate how good we are during this inspection. Everyone is a key player during this inspection. Recall Coach Chuck Noll's prescription for making a champion, "You become a champion by doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way, every day." It's our time to be champions! Let's get ready and do things in extraordinary way!