335th TRS mentorship programs prepare Airmen for the future

  • Published
  • By Capt. John Frazier
  • 335th Training Squadron
The 335th Training Squadron "Bulls" are putting into practice some innovative programs to bolster training effectiveness and mentor-mentee roles of senior NCOs and student Airmen. 

The biggest undertaking is Specialized Team Training. This military training leader initiative redistributes additional duties throughout the staff which gives an extra five man-hours per month for each MTL to provide face-to-face interaction with the students. 

This additional time has afforded the MTLs the ability to conduct various mentoring and training exercises, including individual feedback sessions using the new Airman Comprehensive Assessments, surprise open ranks uniform inspections, and bringing in unit subject matter experts to brief on topics like finances, promotions, and learning styles.

Since beginning STT two months ago, student feedback has been extremely positive.

The second program is the Top 3 STT mentoring program.  This program highlights mentorship between senior NCOs and the students.

Each SNCO in the squadron sponsors a team of students and, at least twice a month, they partner with the Team MTL to cover a wide variety of mentoring topics with the Airmen.  This program affords the students unique insights from senior enlisted leaders and an opportunity to gain valuable information about the expectations that will be levied upon them in the operational Air Force. 

During this time, discussions focus more on supervisory expectations and opportunities that will open up to the students in the near future. 

Additionally, schoolhouse instructors are encouraged to join the SNCOs for the mentoring sessions, which allow the instructors and NCOs to talk with students in a professional environment outside the classroom.

An added benefit of the top 3 STT program is the mentorship offered to the junior NCOs, who get a first-hand look at how to professionally interact with students to guide and develop them into future leaders.

Collectively, our team efforts are focused on leveraging the expertise and experience of the whole Bulls staff to produce the best trained and operationally competent Airmen.