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  • Airmen in Afghanistan heal wounded with food, smiles

    For many people, food can be a comfort. The staff at the nutritional medicine flight at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital on Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan believes it can also be healing. "Food brings a smile to everyone's face," said Capt. Jennifer Bradley, nutritional medicine flight chief. "Just bringing a smile on a person's face can do
  • Airman crosses president’s path for third time

    Few people have the privilege of meeting the President of the United States just once. Keesler's Airman 1st Class Alan Petz recently recorded a third visit with President George W. Bush in just three years. Airman Petz was among about 600 volunteers from around the nation to attend the president's Sept. 8 speech discussing volunteerism on the south
  • Trainer aims to become chaplain

    He was 18 years old, fresh out of basic military training and technical school. His first duty assignment? Ramstein Air Base, Germany -- a different continent and a different language. Airman 1st Class Kyle Beshears was lost. The Merrillville, Ind., native had never been out of the United States ... heck, he'd never been out of Indiana all that
  • Base rallies around tiny baby, grateful mother

    Nadia Antruneet Johnson has big brown eyes that light up her tiny face. Her rosebud lips smile as her dainty hand curls around her mommy's finger. Nearly 11 months old, Nadia weighs just 10 pounds, 8 ounces. "She's very petite, but she's very happy and in good health," said her mother, Pam Tunstall, a voucher examiner in the 81st Comptroller
  • Keesler's economic impact on Mississippi Gulf Coast over $1.1 billion

    Keesler's total economic impact for fiscal 2007 has been calculated at over $1.1 billion. The figure was finalized last week as base officials completed the annual pro-cess of data assimilation and validation. "Keesler's role as a significant player in the local economy is something we're proud of," said Col. Greg Touhill, 81st Training Wing
  • Touhill comes 'home' to Keesler

    Twenty-four years ago Monday, a new second lieutenant began his Air Force career in basic communications officer training at Keesler. Oct. 2, now Col. Greg Touhill took command of the 81st Training Wing during a ceremony on the parade field. "Over the past 24 years, my Keesler training has been invaluable," said Colonel Touhill after accepting the
  • Volunteers escort patients at Keesler

    Keesler Medical Center's volunteer escort service has helped 369,000 patients around the facility since 1981. One of the original escort team staff has achieved a milestone of his own. Dean Todd has "moved" 20,000 patients himself in more than 26 years of volunteer service. A retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, Mr. Todd recalled how the medical
  • Honor guard Memorable experience for this first-term Airman

    Editor's note: This is the last in a series of three first-person articles on Keesler News staff writer Airman David Salanitri's experiences with the Keesler Honor Guard. Honor guard was my first duty as a permanent party member, quite a transition for a new Airman fresh out of basic training and technical school. The experience has given me
  • Deployment is family affair for 3 siblings

    Capt. Claudia Menjivar, an intensive care unit nurse with the 81st Inpatient Operations Squadron, deployed to South-west Asia recently. While this isn't unusual, her personal circumstances are. The global war on terror has called upon several members of the same family to serve their country in hostile environments, sometimes simultaneously.
  • New Honor Guard Member Serves On Funeral Detail

    Editor's note: This is the second in a series of three first-person articles on Keesler News staff writer Airman David Salanitri's experiences with the Keesler Honor Guard. The day I found out I'd be playing Taps in my first funeral, I was confident. However, as the time got nearer, I started to become a little nervous. My first funeral was for a