What's in a name: Dolan Hall

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Toney Doan
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

Dolan Hall

William C. Dolan, Colonel, USAF, 1907-1945

Col. William C. Dolan received classified Army Air Forces orders in 1941, during World War II. Dolan was tasked with the mission to develop tactics, techniques and procedures needed to use airborne radar systems to find and destroy enemy U-boats. During this time, Dolan tested theories himself and was instrumental in applying new technologies to practical battlefield application by leading submarine hunts from New England to the West Indies and protecting shipping lanes during his time as the 1st Sea-Search Attach Group commander.

Tragically, Col. Dolan lost his life 14 Feb. 1945, during a mission to deliver the latest bombing radar to the European theater of operations.

Maj. Gen. James Powell, Keesler Air Force Base commander, dedicated Dolan Hall on Sept. 1, 1951. Dolan Hall was referred to as the “Six-In-One Schoolhouse,” because it could train six times as many students as the old one-story wooden buildings that it replaced.

Dolan Hall is located on Hangar Rd. and D St., Bldg. 4115. Today, thousands of Airmen from the 333rd, 334th, 336th, and 338th Training Squadrons pass through this building annually and take what they learn and apply it at their next base. Dolan Hall also houses the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, who can be reached on their hotline at (228) 377-7278.