What’s in a name: Wolfe Hall

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  • By 2nd Lt. Toney Doan

Wolfe Hall


Leroy M. Wolfe, First Lieutenant, USAF, 1895-1932


First Lt. Leory M. Wolfe, born on a farm in Richmond Township, Ohio, is best remembered as a pioneer in radio communications. Wolfe was the first known person to demonstrate telephone contact from ground to a plane in flight He also is remembered for his work in developing radio beacons to keep a plane on course by using a radio-wave path set up by ground broadcasting stations.

Wolfe also made the first official parachute jumps using the Parker-type chute, and in 1926 won the national air races for large capacity airplanes, for which he was awarded the John Wanamaker Liberty Bell Trophy.

Wolfe passed away in the Philippines on Oct. 28, 1932 during gunnery practice aboard an airplane.

Today, Wolfe Hall houses the 335th Training Squadron’s Precision Measure Equipment Lab Course as well as the Officer Personnel Course.