What's in a name: Allee Hall

  • Published
  • By 2nd. Lt. David Bui
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

Allee Hall


Edward S. Allee, Colonel, USAF, 1908-1944


Col. Edward S. Allee was one of the pioneers for an organized training and career program for radar students. Many of his early doctrines which originated at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois are still used in the training command. Also, Allee was one of the first flying sergeants in the old Army Air Corps.

His work in electronic navigation was critical to aerial warfare conducted during both World Wars. It was especially crucial to the success of battles fought in the European Theater of the Second World War.

In May 1944, Allee died in a plane crash while participating in a training mission at Boca Raton Field, Florida. Allee’s final position before his passing was Deputy Commander of Training and Operations at Boca Raton Field.

Today, Allee Hall houses the 335th Training Squadron where students are trained in finance, education and training, and manpower. It also hosts the Military Training Leader course.