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  • Mentored to the path of success

    As a brand-new one-striped Airman straight out of high school there was much for me to learn heading to the 81st Training Wing Public Affairs Office. There was so much in life that I had yet to experience and a future of possibility ahead. I was only sure of one thing; I wanted to succeed.Approaching new situations in life is a challenge that one
  • Inspiring the next generation of female leaders

    From combat pilots to various positions around the Air Force, women have proven their capabilities as leaders and demonstrated their importance to the mission. Keesler is celebrating outstanding women and their contributions to making the Air and Space Forces a more diverse and lethal force throughout Women’s History Month.Tech Sgt. Dynasty Arentz,
  • Partnering together to reach new heights

    The Air Force continuously drives to find innovative ways to modernize and improve the force. Collaboration can stem innovation and expand knowledge, creating a consistent approach of improvement and advancement.Keesler and Mississippi State University developed a partnership earlier this year to enhance cyber capabilities.“Our goal is to share
  • Marines fly high

  • D2T2 PACs a punch at Air Force training

    The 81st Training Group initiated the Direct to Duty Technical Training program earlier this year to test the attainability of training Airmen at their assigned base, skipping the costly and timely process of technical training school.The trial tested the possibility of sending Airmen from basic military training straight to their assigned base.
  • Marine serves as an example

    “I made a decision about 20 years ago to step foot on the yellow footprints on Paris Island, South Carolina,” said Master Sgt. Herman Kruppa, Keesler Marine Detachment Meteorological Oceanographic Analyst Forecaster Course curriculum developer. “Deciding to join the Marine Corps was one of the best decisions of my life because it has allowed me to
  • Remembering to recognize

    Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Recognition Day was established in 1979 to ensure Americans remember to stand behind those who serve and account for those who never return.Keesler hosts multiple events throughout the week of POW/MIA Recognition Day every year including a vigil, retreat ceremony and a 12-hour run to raise awareness and pay
  • Cooler dorms now with snacks

    Over 300 Airmen live in the permanent party dorms and play a critical role in supporting the mission. The 81st Training Wing strives to create the best living standards for the Airmen, and the dorm office has recently been adapting to the environment.Tech. Sgt. Tiffany Selmon, 81st Civil Engineering Squadron Airman dorm leader, ordered new vending
  • Dragons forge Global-ASNT training

    Over the past 14 months, three 81st Training Support Squadron Qualification Flight members have been working behind the scenes to support Air Force Global Strike Command’s Nuclear Command and Control Communications Center with the 1.3 billion dollar Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal program. Global-ASNT is a NC3 weapon system that provides a full spectrum of nuclear communications and control across the Defense Department, so in the event of a nuclear incident, it would be the primary means of communication. Global-ASNT will support 42 bases across six major commands.