Air Force, Department of Marine Resources to place buoys in Biloxi Back Bay

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  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

Keesler leaders take the protection of their people, flightline and infrastructure very seriously.

On May 23, Keesler Air Force Base and the Department of Marine Resources will partner to install restricted area buoys in the Biloxi Back Bay as an added base security measure. The ceremony will take place 8 a.m. at the Back Bay Marina.

In the past, Security Forces members have had issues with boaters trespassing onto Keesler. Although signs on land identify Keesler as government property, they are generally too far onto the shoreline to prevent trespassing. This has resulted in non-base affiliated personnel unknowingly infringing upon the installation perimeter along this area.

“These are issues we want to prevent,” said Seth Giddens, 81st Security Forces Squadron Antiterrorism Program Manager. “The current security deviation poses an increased security risk without distinct boundary markings to notify the public of limitations.”

Fifteen buoys will be installed 150 feet away from the Keesler shoreline.

Along with the installation of these new buoys, Keesler is protected by U.S. Air Force Security Forces, the Department of Marine Resources and a Harrison County boat patrol.

“The buoys will be used to clearly demarcate installation boundaries providing needed public awareness,” Giddens said. “They will also give Security Forces an ‘eyes on’ indicator to assess if installation boundaries are being encroached upon. Of course, if they’re within the 150 feet, then they’re on the Air Force side.”

This project took almost two years of research and coordination with the 81st Security Forces Antiterrorism Office, 81st Training Wing Legal Office, the state of Mississippi, as well as the Army Corps of Engineers in Washington, D.C.

Media is invited to cover this event. To RSVP, contact the 81st Training Wing Public Affairs office by 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 22 at 228-377-1179 or email for more information.