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  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

The 81st Training Wing commander has directed the base to enter Hurricane Condition 3 status.

HURCON 3 means that the base may experience tropical storm force winds within 48 hours.

Tropical Storm Sally is projected to make landfall 77 nautical miles West of Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, as a Category 1 hurricane late Tuesday evening. Residents on the Gulf Coast can expect to feel the effects of the storm starting as early as Monday evening.

Base officials have not ordered an evacuation of Keesler personnel, but are advising everyone to remain inside and restrict all movement during the storm. Keesler AFB is not forecasted to experience tropical storm force winds but may receive 12-14 inches of rain with a seven foot storm surge.

Keesler has been preparing the base through evacuation of aircraft, placing sandbags around several base facilities, ensuring all base personnel are prepared, and re-stocking items for hurricane disaster kits.

The following facilities and services will be closed or modified:

  1. Routine Keesler Medical Center appointments on September 15-16 will be rescheduled
  2. The Marina Park will close September 13
  3. Base Honor Guard will not operate September 14-16

Military families should:

  1. Military members should brief their family members on their responsibilities.
  2. Download the Air Force Connect app from, make Keesler AFB a favorite, and allow notifications to be notified of the latest updates.
  3. Like the Keesler Facebook page ( or follow Keesler Twitter page ( to see the base’s current actions.
  4. Keep your radio and television on for information on the status of the storm.
  5. Check food supply and determine what can be eaten without cooking.
  6. Stock the following items and have them easily accessible:
    1. Flashlight, extra batteries, candles/lighter, camp lantern with fuel
    2. Transistor radio, extra batteries
    3. Special prescribed medicines and food, baby food, pet food, etc. Make sure to have a 30-day supply of medications
    4. First aid­­ kit, insecticides, insect repellents, disinfectants, water purification tablets and snake bite kits
    5. Fire extinguisher
  7. As much as possible, ensure mobile homes are securely tied down.
  8. Secure all outdoor objects that could be torn loose or blown away, such as trashcans, swings, etc.

Store small boats in enclosed shelter. If stored outdoors, remove any loose gear and securely tie the boat down.



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