Keesler begins base clean-up, resumes normal operations

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Keesler has begun base clean-up efforts and resumed normal base operations Aug. 30 after being closed Aug. 28-29 due to Hurricane Isaac.

"While we're still completing our initial assessment, at this stage it looks like Keesler has received little to no damage," said Brig. Gen. Brad Spacy, 81st Training Wing commander. "Right now we're focused on resuming our missions: training, fighting and winning."

Technical training classes and other essential missions resumed at 9 a.m. All non-essential personnel are still to report to their duty sections at noon.

Clean-up efforts include picking up refuse, clearing broken branches and checking for any leaks or water damage to buildings.

Military personnel are welcome to assist local civilians in clean up in a non-official capacity. Personnel should not wear military uniform while assisting, except when officially representing the Air Force by order of the wing commander.