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In an effort to ensure the safety of Keesler personnel and assets during Hurricane Isaac, the base remains closed Aug. 29.

"Safety is paramount," said Brig. Gen. Brad Spacy, 81st Training Wing commander. "The base is closed today for personnel to stay inside as we continue to monitor the storm."

All of Keesler's roads are currently passable and initial reports indicate no facility damage at this time. Teams will conduct a complete damage assessment on Thursday.

Harrison County identified certain key streets surrounding the base as impassable, such as Highway 90 and Bayview St. A complete list can be found at the Harrison County website,

Keesler has full power and both the Magnolia and Live Oak dining facilities are open to provide meals to students and permanent party Airmen. The shuttle to and from the dining facilities continues to run as scheduled.

"We kept the dining facilities open and developed the bus schedule so we could continue to take care of our Airmen on base as they shelter from the storm," Spacy said.

The Keesler Marina has experienced flooding over its docks as the water level in the back bay is higher than normal, however the water level does not threaten any home or base facility. Also, the hospital has not reported any water damage at this time.

The base is scheduled to resume normal operations Aug. 30. Personnel can stay tuned for more details on as well as the Keesler social media pages.