Keesler finalizes FY12 civilian workforce reductions

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Today, Air Force officials announced 4,500 additional positions for elimination as a continuation of its FY12 Civilian Workforce Restructure.

This second round of reductions includes 38 more positions at Keesler. November's round of cuts eliminated 68 positions from the 1,607 civilian authorizations in the 81st Training Wing and 403rd Wing.

"These reductions are a result of Air Force initiatives to further streamline installation support, trim the size of management headquarters and tailor support requirement for training development and management," said Brig. Gen. Andrew Mueller, 81st Training Wing commander.

The Air Force reduction builds on the realignments announced in November, including the elimination of 9,000 positions and the addition of 5,900 positions against the Air Force's top priorities. In addition, these reductions respond to the Secretary of Defense's direction to target civilian funding at fiscal year 2010 levels.

These reductions are consistent with Air Force-wide initiatives to reduce the overall workforce, Mueller said.

"The technical training mission which has been a Keesler mainstay for more than 70 years remains an important part of the Air Force and is sustaining the core competencies of the Air Force mission in air, space and cyberspace," Mueller said.

In an effort to encourage voluntary separations and retirements, the Air Force is currently offering its second round of voluntary separation incentive pay and voluntary early retirement authority programs. Keesler civilian employees received VERA/VSIP eligiblility surveys from their personnel managers earlier this month and the applications are due no later than Jan. 30. Approved applications will result in separations or retirements that take effect by April 30.

This announcement marks the end of civilian reductions associated with the Air Force's FY12 civilian workforce restructure.

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