Base officials caution residents of HURCON 4

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Keesler is now in Hurricane Condition 4. The National Weather Service has forecast tropical storm force winds to hit the Gulf Coast area within 72 hours. 
During HURCON 4, personnel living in the dormitories should listen to the latest weather bulletins and follow instructions from squadron or unit commanders.
People living off base and in base housing should:
a. Brief family members on their responsibilities. Review actions to take if evacuation to shelter is necessary
b. Keep your radio and television on for information on the status of the storm.
c. Check your supply of food that can be eaten without cooking
d. Stock the following items and have them easily accessible:
     1. Flashlight, extra batteries, candles/lighter, camp lantern fuel
     2. Transistor radio, extra batteries
     3. Special prescribed medicines and food, baby food, pet food, etc. 
     4. First aid kit, insecticides, insect repellents, disinfectants, water purification tablets and snake bite kits
     5. Fire extinguisher, two to three buckets of sand
     6. Tool kit and hardware
     7. Boards for windows, plastic bags to cover any window breakage
     8. Mops, rags, buckets
e. As much as possible, ensure mobile homes are securely tied down
f. Secure objects in open areas that could be torn loose or blown away. Such as trashcans, swings, etc.
g. Fill car tank with gasoline
h. Boat protection: Store small boats in enclosed shelter. If stored outdoors, remove any loose gear and securely tie the boat down