Victims' Counsel

The JAG Corps is committed to the larger Air Force goal of supporting and taking care of victims of sexual assault. As part of this goal, the JAG Corps has created the VC program. The purpose of this program is to advise, advocate for, and empower victims through independent legal representation.

What a VC does for sexual assault victims

‐ Represents you and you alone
‐ VC does not work for the base chain of command
‐ Provides confidential legal advice
‐ Protects your rights & privacy interests
‐ Provides legal assistance
‐ Advises on investigation & prosecution processes
‐ Attends interviews 
‐ Attends hearings & court-martial

Contact info

Keesler Comm: 228-376-8632/8633
Duty Cell: 202-494-7059 or 202-308-9000

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