Retiree Sheltering Information

Retirees Must Plan For Off-base Sheltering

Because Keesler AFB has a limited amount of space on the base for sheltering, Keesler only shelters mission essential members and students. Dependents and retirees must plan to shelter in the county shelters along the Gulf Coast. When the counties open the shelters, the information will be announced through the local media. To help prevent crowding Harrison County has opened several more shelters since Katrina. Keesler AFB also continues to reach out to the retirement community through our information programs the Emergency Management booth at the fall Keesler car show just before "Cruisin' the Coast" where you will be able to pick up new evacuation maps and talk or ask questions to a base Emergency Manager. Keesler Emergency Management wants to continue to do all we can to help keep our heroes safe.