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  • August 2015 Discipline Corner

     81 TRW Article 15sAn airman first class from the 334th Training Squadron was punished for sharing prescription medication with another Airman, in violation of Article 112a, UCMJ. He received a suspended reduction to airman and a reprimand.An airman basic from the 338th TRS was punished for failing to go to a mandatory appointment and failing a
  • April 2015 Discipline Corner

    The following members of the 81st Training Wing and 403rd Wing were published under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) in April 2015.Court - Martial1. An airman basic from the 335th Training Squadron was found guilty of failure to obey a lawful order, violating a general order, ten counts of making a false official statement, wrongful use
  • July 2014 Discipline Corner

    The following members of the 81st Training Wing were punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) in July 2014. Court Martial An airman basic from the 335th Training Squadron was found guilty of indecent language (in violation of Article 134, UCMJ) at a General Court-Martial.  His punishment was a bad conduct discharge from the United

    The squadron provides officer cyberspace initial skills training and enlisted cyberspace advanced skills training. In addition the squadron is also responsible for the development, revision, and instruction of technical courses supporting global operations. Our mission is to "actively seek out high quality training and leadership opportunities to
  • Keesler Cardiology

    Organization Teams will consist of one cardiologist, one resident (PGY-2/3) and one intern (PGY-1) Medical students, usually 0-2, will be assigned as available Ultimately, the attending of the team is responsible for the team Supervision will consist of an attending from
  • Retiree Sheltering Information

    Retirees Must Plan For Off-base Sheltering Because Keesler AFB has a limited amount of space on the base for sheltering, Keesler only shelters mission essential members and students. Dependents and retirees must plan to shelter in the county shelters along the Gulf Coast. When the counties open the shelters, the information will be announced
  • TRICARE and Patient Administration Information

    TRICARE and Patient Administration InformationTRICARE is the Department of Defense's triple-option health-care program which replaced the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS). TRICARE is a partnership contract between the Department of Defense and a civilian-managed care contractor, with services provided by both
  • Temporary Lodging Facility (Inns of Keesler)

    Tyer House, Bldg 470 Fisher StreetKeesler AFB MS Reservations and front desk: 377-4900 Services Provided: Retirees and eligible family members can arrange for temporary lodging (when available) 24 hours in advance of their arrival at Keesler AFB or other bases. To make reservations, call 377-4900 or go to dodlodging.net