Why I stay: Tech. Sgt. Andrew Noble

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Devyn Waits
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

Tech. Sgt. Andrew Noble, 81st Training Wing commander’s action group superintendent, continues serving in the Air Force for the same reason he joined, his family.

Noble was initially hesitant about signing the dotted line, but he knew he had to make a choice for the newfound parental responsibilities he faced when he was younger.

 “It was very hard to pay the bills straight out of high school when you already have a family,” said Noble. “I also have a long family heritage of service and I knew the Air Force would be a good opportunity for me, so I went to a recruiter and the rest is history.”

Now, he looks towards the second half of his career with his family, a wife of nine years, a daughter and a son, who fully embrace every aspect of being a part of the military.

“My wife has gotten her degree completely paid for,” said Noble. “As two teenage parents, I don't want to say it's impossible, but it's definitely not likely that both parents end up getting their degrees or going on to be ‘successful’. I think it's incredible for my wife as a teen mom to continue her own education and put herself as a priority while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and family at home.”

As for his kids, they experienced a wide range of friends and keep in touch with people no matter where they live.

“My daughter’s nine and she has friends all over the world,” said Noble. “She's a social butterfly so everywhere we have gone, she still has friends that she talks to from our first base. She loves everything about being a part of the Air Force family. My son is five and he hasn't quite grasped any of it yet, but he thinks airplanes are cool.”

With hopes to enter squadron leadership positions, Noble also sees his family becoming a support system for other Airmen and their families.

“I know my wife is right there with me when I say we're here to support people. If there’s a family emergency and you need your kids watched, we're happy to help take care of you,” said Noble. “It’s about being more like a family than just workplace acquaintances.”

Today, that notion still stands. His current colleagues look out for each and offer support when managing wing-level responsibilities.

On top of that, Noble’s colleagues do what they can to make sure he has time for his wife and kids.

“He is definitely a dad that wants to go to all the soccer games," said 1st Lt. Erica Craft, 81st Training Wing commander’s action group director. “I make sure, as his supervisor, that if there's a game or if there's a family outing, he can leave a little bit early.”

Knowing his leaders look out for his well-being early in his career left a lasting impression. The Air Force showed him that he not only has a family at home, he also has a family at work.