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  • 81st TRW issues summer safety tips

    Summer is finally approaching, and after a very harsh winter and unpredictable spring weather, many of us are joyously welcoming the season of sunny weather. We long for beach vacations, backyard barbecues, motorcycle rides, family road trips and outdoor sports. While summer is a time for fun, it is also a time of danger for the Air Force
  • When it comes to running, less shoe is more

    I run, but I wouldn't call myself a runner. I don't get the runner's high. I get the runner's low--self-esteem. Distance running just isn't something that has ever felt natural to me. I've always felt clumsy, heavy and inefficient, like my legs are two malnourished slaves struggling under a platform to keep their fat king from toppling over. Every
  • Stroke—knowing risk factors can save a life

    Exactly one year ago today, I arrived home from work to find my husband, Jerry, sprawled on the bathroom floor, too dizzy to lift his head and weak from vomiting. He was too woozy to get to a phone and had been lying there helpless for about three hours. He was rushed to the emergency room, diagnosed with vertigo and sent home.The next day, with no
  • Dragon Corner: being a volunteer and Wingman

    When was the last time you volunteered your time and/or services? Who did it affect? What was the impact? You may never know the answer to these questions; however, that shouldn't keep you from giving of yourself. Volunteering can happen at every level and the impact can literally last a lifetime.By definition, volunteer means "to give (something)
  • Keesler heritage: Thomson Hall

    As you enter Thomson Hall through the building's main double doors, you will quickly notice the mural letting you know that you have entered Red Wolf Country. Thomson Hall is home to the 336th Training Squadron--the Red Wolves. In the 336th TRS, we prepare our Airmen to enter the world of cyber. However, Thomson Hall is more than just home to the
  • Dragon Corner: Spectrum operations key to joint mission

    Before a service member transports munitions to a new location, a critical task must be accomplished. The safety office must verify the route doesn't take the weapons too close to transmitters that could cause an inadvertent detonation. To accomplish this task, the safety office will call for a Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
  • Keesler, DEA take back drugs April 26

    The 81st Training Wing and the Drug Enforcement Administration will give the public an opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs from 10 a.m., to 2 p.m., April 26. All are encouraged to bring their medications for disposal to the Keesler Base Exchange
  • All in the family system

    April is National Alcohol Awareness Month. Thirty days designated for the nation to raise awareness and increase alcohol prevention. It is also a time to focus on preventing personal alcohol problems by examining one's use and assisting others to lower their risks. Alcohol problems cause systemic issues that impact the person, family, and
  • 'Lab Week' highlights technician's critical role

    "I need two units of O Negative blood STAT!" "I need the results of that pregnancy test." Do those statements sound familiar? If so, maybe it's because you've heard similar remarks, or words such as DNA, lab results, drug screens or tissue analysis while watching your favorite crime show. You may be surprised to learn that all are associated with
  • Pinwheels mark Child Abuse Prevention Month

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Keesler has a long tradition of recognizing this worthy distinction by planting a colorful garden of twirling pinwheels in front of Keesler Medical Center. Each pinwheel symbolizes a child who was substantiated for child abuse or neglect in Harrison and Jackson counties within the previous calendar year.