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  • Keesler’s splash pad—good to the last drop

    It didn't take long for the Marina Park Splash Pad to become the "hot spot" for Keesler's youth and families. As the days grow warmer, the cooling water play area typically hosts 30-50 people at any given time. Not only is it a refreshing escape from the humidity and heat, but also an environmentally and economically friendly addition to the 81st
  • New performance feedback program coming soon

    A big change is coming to the Air Force very soon. The new Airman Comprehensive Assessment replaces the current performance feedback program. The Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force approved the use of the ACA effective July 1. The new forms introduce several new topics of discussion between a rater and ratee including a
  • Keesler heritage: Ploesti Drive

    During 1954, Keesler was active in a memorialization project for naming buildings and landmarks for distinguished Air Force personnel and campaigns. Five buildings were dedicated to honor distinguished personnel: Thomson Hall, Vandenberg Hall, and Westover, Andrews, and Mitchell Theaters. In addition to the five buildings, one street was
  • Safe cycling: A guide for biking on, off base

    Since arriving at Keesler's Wing Safety Office about a year ago, I have routinely observed a potentially fatal hazard: I rarely see people on wheels (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.) wearing helmets. Now, unless they are all donning the $535 Swedish "invisible helmet" airbag style collar, they're in violation of Keesler AFBI 31-218 (Security
  • Traffic enforcement information

    While on Keesler, personnel and family members are subject to certain laws that may differ from the surrounding communities.Cell phone usage· Cellular phones are only authorized with the use of a hands-free device. · Using the speakerphone function of a cell phone while holding the device is not considered "hands-free".· For violations, seven-day
  • Keesler and Biloxi go together like boiled shrimp and Barq’s

    Today, Keesler Air Force Base is 73 years old. The base's men and women have been an integral part of the Biloxi community since the base's activation on June 12, 1941, as Army Air Corps Station No. 8, Aviation Mechanics School. The city spotlighted this special relationship on May 29, when it hosted the final event of its Preservation in May 2014
  • Hurricanes, complacency can be devastating

    Complacency is the biggest threat to Team Keesler as hurricane season begins.Admit it - you hate the base's hurricane exercises, sheltering drills, checklists, Form 21 updates, evacuation plans and hurricane kits. But base leaders can't let complacency set in - they have to plan for a "worst case" scenario that could put lives, property and our
  • Keesler heritage: Wylie Auditorium

    It's been used for a myriad of purposes, from training Keesler Medical Center's medical and dental residents to processing deploying "Dragon Medics," plus numerous ceremonies and the 81st Medical Group's annual children's Christmas party.The Donald H. Wylie Auditorium has been a center of activity for Keesler Air Force Base's medical community
  • Dragon Corner: A case study in Air Force core values

    So what does it mean to live the Air Force core values? That's a fair question with nuanced answers. However, there are talismans showing us these answers all around. One I have recently seen is the life of Airman 1st Class Antoine Holt. Let's look at his life as a case study for living the core values.Holt grew up in Kennesaw, Ga. He was an
  • Keesler heritage: Bryan Hall

    Not all of us will be called to die for our country like Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger did at Lima Site 85 on that fateful day in 1968, or exhibit heroism for their roles in Southeast Asia like Staff Sgt. Robert Foster, Airman 1st Class Darryl Winters or Capt. Howard Cody . In fact, compared to many whose names highlight buildings on