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  • Air Force Assistance Fund -- Airmen helping Airmen

    Each year, between February and May, Airmen across our entire Air Force embark on a fundraising campaign in support of the Air Force Assistance Fund. This fund exists to provide financial support to four charitable organizations that support the entire range of our Air Force families. The AFAF campaign is unique in that it is the full spectrum of
  • Angels Over the Bay <br> Professionalism, perseverence, pride prevail

    What a spectacular open house this weekend!I hope everyone who participated in this year's unforgettable open house and "Angels Over the Bay" air show enjoyed this absolutely wonderful event. We had picture-perfect clear blue skies, outstanding ground displays, top-notch aerial demonstrations and some of the best funnel cakes on the Gulf Coast.
  • Air Force facilitates passionate pursuit of learning

    The faint smell of sawdust from a pencil being sharpened, the kiss of air from flipping the pages of new book and the hum of my teacher's voice as she explained the world all contributed to my passion for learning.My insatiable curiosity and desire to learn significantly influenced my decision to join the Air Force. I knew before I raised my right
  • Mardi Gras 2011 <br> Let the good times roll, but keep safety in mind

    Mardi Gras 2011 is ready to roll along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.Saturday, the 1 p.m. Ocean Springs Elks Parade winds through the downtown area from the Ocean Springs Yacht Club down Porter Avenue, turning north on Washington Avenue and then east on Government Street to end at Ocean Springs High School.The next nearby parade is the North Bay Mardi
  • Resilience -- bounce, bend, don't break

    There's a well-known saying, sometimes attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, that says, "The only thing that is constant is change." Many of us who have been in the Air Force for more than a few years could echo that sentiment. Whether it's a new assignment or a new computer system, updated physical training tests or promotion
  • Keesler -- 70 years of training, caring, innovating

    This year marks 70 years of continuous technical training operations here at Keesler Air Force Base. In August 1941, the first Army Air Corps recruits arrived to newly-designated Keesler Field . Four weeks later, technical training began in the 301st, 302nd and 304th Technical School Squadrons.By 1949, the base was widely known as the electronic
  • Government Travel Card replacement eases travel, financial hassles

    As a new financial services officer, I found myself spending up to 20 hours a week on Government Travel Card management tasks -- answering questions from agency program coordinators and commanders who were focused on program and delinquency management.This was probably no different from my fellow FSOs, but I always felt my focus should be
  • Take care of each other during the holidays

    AETC Family,As Airmen and their families all around Air Education and Training Command pause to celebrate, Teresa and I wish each of you a joyous and safe holiday season.Many of us are blessed to be with our family and friends this time of the year, but I ask you toremember the sacrifices our deployed Air Force and sister service members are making
  • It's time for friendship, fellowship and fun

    Keri and I would like to wish each of you happy holidays! We are proud to be a part of Team Keesler and thank each of you for what you do for the base, the community and our Air Force.Regardless of the assignment or location, the holiday season seems to bring out a little of the best in everything and everyone, and this year is no different. Keri,
  • Air Force leaders send holiday message

    As we celebrate the holidays, please take the opportunity to reflect on our many blessings as Americans, and to remember the people who most enrich our lives. We also should contemplate our broader aspirations that, given the many demands of very busy lives, we often neglect to consider throughout the year.Also, especially while many remain engaged