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  • Businesses need to run 24/7 ... individuals don't

    During a recent airport layover waiting for my connecting flight, I again found myself browsing the magazine rack, homing in on anything of interest that would help whittle away the time. Rifling through the latest edition of Fortune Magazine, an article caught my eye. The message in the title ran

  • Memorial Day Message

    Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the "101 Critical Days of Summer" and the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. This period brings the potential for a member of our Second Air Force family to engage in an unsafe act that could lead to injury or even the possibility

  • Lorenz on Leadership --<br>Sustaining a wingman culture

    On April 20, a 22-year-old man with a history of violence walked into a bookstore in Wichita Falls, Texas, and started shooting. He wounded four women, then drove to a bar and killed an employee outside before he drove home and took his own life. This tragedy sounds like so many we hear about on the

  • Leading Airmen through force management

    The Chief of Staff of the Air Force recently announced that our service must reduce its personnel end strength to meet congressionally-mandated limits. Air Force retention is currently at a 15-year high, which is a testament to the tremendous dedication of our Airmen serving during a time of

  • Joy of athletic competition revived for Keesler chief

    Editor's note: Chief Orslene wrote this e-mail as a personal introduction to his teammates before they join together to train in Colorado Springs, Colo., for the Department of Defense's inaugural Warrior Games, May 10-14. Excerpts from this e-mail and those from other participants are included in an

  • Pinwheels for Prevention<br>Display builds community child abuse awareness

    Child abuse, in all forms, has been determined to be a consistent factor in predicting a child's future potential for poor academic performance, the abuse of alcohol or drugs, engaging in high-risk behavior or illegal activity, and repeating the same cycle of abuse with their own children. As

  • First Command: AETC first to influence Airmen

    To the men and women of the First Command, I leave Air Education and Training Command after spending the past 20 months honored to be your vice commander. Boy, have you taught me a lot! Thank You. Thank you for your tremendous devotion, service and professionalism. We call ourselves the First


    Cyberspace this, Cyberspace that! Why is the Air Force placing such huge focus on the cyber domain? When I asked my staff what kind of article I should write, they suggested I touch on cyberspace since we are the ones who are standing up the 17D schoolhouse for the new 17D cyber operations officer

  • Lorenz on Leadership -- The solid foundation

    Our Air Force has more than 175,000 civilian employees spread across the globe. In fact, they make up more than 25 percent of our authorized Total Force end strength. The civilian force fills an ever-increasing role in daily mission accomplishment, especially as we've experienced personnel

  • Accept kindness during life-altering events

    I've always felt that people matter and I have tried to help them all I could. Most of my life experiences have included taking care of others. Like many people, I'm an Air Force officer, a nurse, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and the list goes on. Many times as a supervisor and in my