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  • Lifelong wingmen

    The old adage goes ‘like father, like son’ but just how similar to each other can a father and son be? For Senior Airman Tyler Fisher, 81st Infrastructure Division firefighter, and his father Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Fisher, 81st Training Group superintendent, the similarities only begin with being able to call each other wingmen. Tyler, a
  • Air traffic control instructors use CPI to keep Airmen focused

    Each Air Force member is briefed on mental health and how to detect mental health issues in their wingmen but for some personnel, they may not really see just how beneficial the training is until they need to use it.The 334th Training Squadron, with the help of the Mental Health Clinic, implemented its own mental health briefings tailored for air
  • Chalk Talk: There’s A New Chief in Town

      (This interview is Part 6 of an open-ended series featuring question-and-answer sessions with members of Team Keesler.)Chief Master Sgt. Vegas Clark is an Airman’s Airman.  As the 81st Training Wing’s new command chief, he’s the wing commander’s senior enlisted advisor.  Sitting in this position since August and hot off the plane from his
  • Dragons don't just fly, they also run

    Since 1997, thousands of people with varying backgrounds and motivations have been inspired to travel to Dayton, Ohio to run in the annual Air Force Marathon at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. On Sept. 17, eight members of the Dragon Run Club were among those thousands to represent Team Keesler in the 5K, 10K, half and full marathon during the Air
  • Making sense of your LES

    Looking at a leave and earnings statement might be confusing but understanding what’s on it is very beneficial. The LES has a lot of useful information on your military pay, earned leave, entitlements, deductions and more.Reviewing your LES regularly could spare some stress and financial hardship by catching any potential problems early.“It's
  • TTOC leads innovation in 2nd AF

    Innovation comes in all shapes in sizes. Whether it’s the ‘next big thing’ or a simple process change, there’s always a way to improve, streamline and advance the way the Air Force trains its Airmen. One organization, the 2nd Air Force Technical Training Operations Center, is using the power of innovation and new technology to help refine how
  • The fast track to joining OSI

    How many children grow up dreaming of catching the bad guys and saving the world? They play “Cops and Robbers,” read mystery books and pretend to be detectives with their friends. Then, they grow up. Some grow into adults with fulfilling careers that inspire them. Others, however, go to work, complete their tasks and perform well, but maybe wish
  • CPI empowers Airmen through innovation

    The Continuous Process Improvement program is  helping bring innovation to the forefront  of the Air Force culture by educating Airmen on how they can change their units for the better.The 81st Training Wing CPI office is an outlet for Airmen, government civilians and contractors to share ideas on how to improve processes or functions in their
  • From the fleet to the classroom: Sailor stays dedicated to helping others

    Since Oct. 13, 1775, the U.S. Navy has carried their core values of honor, courage and commitment to help each Sailor succeed in their career.Two hundred thirty eight years after the naval service began, Sailors like Aerographer’s Mate 1st Class Michael Ramos are passing on those core values in Keesler’s joint military environment. “I’ve learned a