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  • 81st SFS trains with K-9 Diesel

    81st Security Forces Squadron members and their canines are seen at the gates and all over base, ensuring they remain at the top of their game.The training that happens behind the kennel gates, however, is arguably the most important of all.

  • 81st Training Wing Mission Placemat

    The 81st Training Wing Mission placemat summarizes the mission and vision of the base under the leadership of Col. Billy Pope, Jr., 81st TRW commander.

  • Leading from the front: Maj. Naif Almani

    Royal Saudi Air Force Major Naif Almani, student liaison officer, has dedicated his time to helping the RSAF students at Keesler as well as local elementary schoolers.Almani’s position at Keesler is to ensure RSAF students have what they need to be able to build trusting relationships with their

  • Simulate, emulate: 81st MDG SIM Lab

    The patient’s eyes blink and their chest softly lifts up and down. A doctor moves to their side to ask how they are feeling, and a computer prompts the patient to respond with a sudden erratic heartbeat.With an average of 3,500 student hours a month, the 81st Medical Group simulation lab is an

  • MTLs shape the future of the force

    Military Training Leaders are responsible for shaping Airmen and Guardians into professional, capable leaders during their time in technical training. The special duty position has always been multifaceted, but the role of a MTLs in the past focused on administrative and disciplinarian tasks.