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  • Simulate, emulate: 81st MDG SIM Lab

    The patient’s eyes blink and their chest softly lifts up and down. A doctor moves to their side to ask how they are feeling, and a computer prompts the patient to respond with a sudden erratic heartbeat.With an average of 3,500 student hours a month, the 81st Medical Group simulation lab is an

  • Keesler hosts 35th SOMS Summer Games

    Keesler and Special Olympics Mississippi partnered for another successful Summer Games, May 12-13.Keesler has worked in close partnership with state and local communities to host the SOMS Summer Games for 35 years.

  • Fallen Warrior: Staff Sgt. Ray Rangel

    For our Fallen Warrior commemoration this week, we remember Staff Sgt. Ray Rangel, Logistical Support Area Anaconda fire protection craftsman.

  • Behind the podium at the 338th TRS

    Keesler’s mission is to not only technically train warfighters, but to inspire them.The instructors within the 81st Training Group serve as teachers and role models for their students, sparking an inspiration to achieve that carries over into the operational Air Force.