Special programs


For package nominations, please contact either:

Mr. Brian Johns, (228) 377-0991, or DSN 597-0991; brian.johns.2@us.af.mil or

Mr. Jeff Edge, (228) 377-5883 or DSN 597-5883, jeffrey.edge.1@us.af.mil

Download: Master Instructor Requirements Guide

Download: Master Instructor Certification Cover Page




Certification nomination cover sheet (Available from this link or 81st TRG/TGE or Program Manager).


Instructor Supervisor (IS) verified all requirements met and nominated by IS.
Nominee is endorsed by flight commander/chief and squadron commander.


Position of one of the following documents showing nominee:

Civilian Position / Control Register Unit

Personnel Manning Roster (UMPR)

Active Duty Enlisted DVB from Virtual MPF


Note: For sister service instructor in ITRO courses, use organizational chart to show assignment.


Job Assignment (T-Prefix position)







STARS-FD Current Instructor Record

(CCAF/Non-CCAF Instructors)


Note: If Non-CCAF Instructors do not use STARS-FD, a manual log for teaching hours


Subject Matter Qualification.

Highest Degree Awarded.

Date Degree Awarded.

Verification of completion of these courses:

·         Basic Instructor Course

·         Internship

·         Faculty Development Courses used for continuing education


For courses not listed in STARS-FD:

Current Instructor Record, transcript or certificate of completion for course hours listed on nomination cover sheet.


Note: On transcript, highlight the course(s) used toward master instructor.


Course Number

Course Title

Completion Date

Course Credit Hours


Course description from the awarding school for each course used toward master instructor



Course can be used in listed subject areas:

Counseling/Education Psychology

Academic/Performance Measurement

Instructional Design

Communication Skills

Instructional Technology


Documentation for courses listed under “Other Courses:”

Courses directly related to subject matter being taught.

Courses that enhance teaching abilities.


Along with the transcript and course description, an MFR from the IS stating how the course relates to the subject matter being taught or enhances teaching abilities.


MFR stating assignment of professional project.


Professional project was assigned by the IS and approved by TDE chief. MFR states the project dates that the project was worked.


Document used for to track and log project hours.


Note: 1 point per hour earned.


Specific project worked

Project Dates (To/From)

Hours worked on each date

Total Hours worked on project


Awards Criteria:

Copy of award(s) letter or picture of plaque.


Note: These awards must be from the Technical Training Recognition Program only.


Verify number of points for award.


Last three consecutive instructor evaluations


Verify the date of the evaluation and evaluation ratings are advanced/excellent or higher. The third evaluation will be conducted by Faculty Development staff.