Fact Sheets

  • Health Promotion

    Health PromotionMission:The mission of Health Promotion is to coordinate, evaluate, and promote installation- specific, evidence-based interventions that support healthy behavior change to optimize health and resilience in the 81 TRW and Keesler community.Vision:The recognized leaders in

  • Hurricane recovery information

    After a hurricane passes, Keesler people who evacuated contact their units for instructions. If communication with the base isn't possible, call the Air Force Personnel Center, 1-800-435-9941. Also, if directed, update your information in the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System

  • Hurricane sheltering information

    The 81st Training Wing commander decides whether mission-essential personnel and/or students shelter on base or evacuate.Only one entrance to each shelter is open.People on basic allowance for subsistence provide their own food. Although those on meal cards receive meals-ready-to-eat, they should

  • Hometown News Release

    How do I submit a Hometown News Release? If you work or are stationed at Keesler, please fill out the required form online. Once submitted, Public Affairs will get notification to review and process. Visit the Hometown News Release page for more information.

  • History Of Keesler Air Force Base

      Early Development: 1941 - 1949In early January 1941, Biloxi city officials assembled a formal offer to invite the U.S. Army Corps to build a base to support the WWII training buildup. The package included an early airport, the old Naval Reserve Park, and parts of Oak Park sufficient to support a