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  • Mathies NCOA: Making today’s leaders better

    Before sewing on the rank of Staff Sgt. and officially becoming a noncommissioned officer, Airmen are tasked  to accept a charge:“You are charged with maintaining the highest level of communication and rapport with subordinates, remaining attuned to their needs, being ever mindful that the key is empathy, not apathy.”“You are charged at all times
  • Guiding the air mission from the ground

    The safety and flight path of aircraft operating on Keesler depend on the Airmen inside the Air Traffic Control Tower. The 81st Training Wing’s Operations Support Flight monitors and directs the aircraft on the flightline and local airspace, ensuring the fluidity of the air traffic.Working the tower 15 hours daily and being on continuous standby
  • Keesler releases 2020 water quality report

     We are pleased to present this year's Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer ConfidenceReport) for Keesler Air Force Base (KAFB) and the Biloxi Veterans Administration MedicalCenter (BVAMC) as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This report is designedto provide details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it
  • The eye in the sky

    Keesler Air Force Base supports the critical mission to keep the skies protected and has a vast range of career fields that helps to keep the fight moving. “Command and control battle management operations is one of the most diverse career fields in the entire Air Force,” said Technical Sgt. Joshua Barich 334th Training Squadron C2BMO apprentice course instructor. “We track aircraft, plan the missions, control the aircraft at our Control and Reporting Center, and monitor missions on a larger scale at the Air Operation Center.”
  • Pride in authenticity

    “It's tough to tell family anything, it doesn't matter which letter of LGBTQ+ you identify as,” said Senior Airman Ryan Boudreau, 81st Medical Group mental health technician. “I found the hardest part for me was telling my mother and father. I told them I like girls and my mom said, ‘No you don’t, you love Zac Efron,’ and I replied, ‘I love Zach Efron too!’” he said.
  • 85th EIS: keeping our force in touch

    As the only active duty command, control, communication-computer engineering and installation squadron in the Air Force, the 85th Engineering Installation Squadron holds a huge responsibility.Rapid deployments worldwide, steady training, and job knowledge is necessary for all Airmen to make sure their mission gets done well.“We take on temporary