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  • 85th EIS first in AF to use blown fiber installation

    The 85th Engineering Installation Squadron completed the first blown fiber installation for fiber optic cables in the Air Force, here, on Jan. 14. The fiber optic cable installation was improved using an air compressor that repels the fiber through micro-tubing, setting a pipe that allows the fiber to go from one end of a run to the other.
  • Keesler uses VR to strengthen partnerships with community

    In an effort to draw awareness to Keesler’s flying training mission, local city development managers and civic leaders used virtual reality and watched live aerial demonstrations, here, Jan. 23.The 403rd Reserve Wing and 81st Training Group held briefings, workshops, and demonstrations to illustrate how development decisions made in the local
  • PMEL introduces a safer, efficient way of teaching

    The 335th Training Squadron here has introduced a new way of teaching students of the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory career field in 2020.A new virtual reality training experience was designed by Spectral Labs Incorporated to create a more interactive way of training.The training focuses on PMEL career field objectives and allows the
  • Keesler transitions tax assistance to Jackson County

    The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program will now be hosted by the Jackson County Civic Action Committee in order to continue giving Airmen, DOD employees, and retirees the tax filing assistance they need. The JCCAC will coordinate with tax volunteers from Keesler and local volunteers to help provide VITA Program in Jackson County.“There are so
  • Turning laughter into a resilience tool

    Everyone loves laughter, whether it’s used for therapeutic reasons or to lighten the mood in a room. BJ Lange, Air Force Wounded Warrior program comedy coach, turned laughter into a resiliency tool for Airmen with his ‘Improv to Improve’ class held here, Dec. 11-14.  ‘Improv to Improve’ is an improvisation comedy resiliency class that engages
  • Hunt rolls outs programs, initiatives to improve resident satisfaction

    Hunt housing recently rolled out new programs and initiatives to improve the housing and living experience for families at Keesler Air Force Base.Hunt revised their policies and procedures to improve communication with residents, provide an enhanced maintenance request process and streamline the way residents submit service requests and escalate
  • President's competition strengthens nation, DoD cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is essential to the Defense Department and our nation as it can protect identities, sensitive information, and ultimately protect lives. The DoD has identified cybersecurity as a priority to instill safety and protect government assets and information.The President’s Cup Cyber Security Competition, ordered by President Donald Trump,
  • Keesler medic named as a 12 OAY shares his experience

    Two medical who received the Air Force’s 2019 Outstanding Airmen of the Year award share their experiences, and how they support the Air Force Medical Service both at home and abroad.
  • Air Force Housing Helpline Connects Residents to the Support They Seek

    Since its launch in May 2019, Air Force Housing Helpline has been helping residents resolve concerns with Air Force privatized and government housing. AFCEC's Installations Directorate, which manages and executes the Air Force’s housing program, established 1-800-482-6431 as 24-hour helpline to address concerns raised regarding the military privatized housing program.