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  • Keesler assists in Hurricane Michael Relief

    The Airmen and Family Readiness Center hosted the first of two Evacuee Open-Houses in the Bay Breeze Event Center, Oct. 16, 2018, here. The open house allows evacuees of Hurricane Michael from Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, with a "one stop" shop to gather information from Keesler helping agencies, including military personnel and civilian personnel flight. During the event, there was food and beverages provided along with various different agency representatives to include military family life counselors, chapel services, and American Red Cross.
  • Keesler rated effective during UEI

    The 81st Training Wing successfully completed its first Unit Effectiveness Inspection capstone event Sept. 17, with an overall effective rating. "I am incredibly proud of our Airman, military and civilian,” said Col. Debra Lovette, 81st Training Wing commander. “The inspection was an opportunity to showcase the sustained superior performance and talent which resides here every day.”
  • Keesler hosts Evacuee Open House

    The Keesler Airmen and Family Readiness Center will host an Evacuee Open-House Oct. 16 and 18 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Bay Breeze Event Center, 2nd floor ballroom. All military and DoD civilian personnel affected by Hurricane Michael are invited. No reservations are necessary and children are welcome.Attendees are advised to complete their
  • 81st TRSS gets scaled up

    The 81st Training Support Squadron is rolling out a new program called SCALE-UP to help improve learning environments for students.The program was introduced by the 81st TRSS as a way to bring new technology and teaching techniques into Keesler classrooms to put more focus on students and their success in Air Force education.“The classrooms we