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  • A fond farewell

    As I prepare to depart Keesler, I would like to take an opportunity to express how much I appreciate what you all have done for the 81st Training Wing and Team Keesler. It is with a sad heart that I must move on but I know I will always cherish these memories and experiences as the best in my

  • Children deserve our undivided attention

    Last weekend my husband and I went out to dinner. As we waited for our meal to arrive, a young family was seated in a booth directly across the aisle; a mom and dad, with a young boy and girl. After the waitress departed to assemble their beverages, both parents, as if on cue, pulled out their cell

  • Month of the Military Child: My brat makes me proud

    Parents worry. It’s just what we do. We worry our child will get hurt. We worry we aren’t making the right decisions for them. We worry they’ve become irrevocably addicted to their iPad and that they really shouldn’t spend so much time watching videos of a 5-year-old millionaire open new toys.

  • Valentine's Day love story

    This Valentine’s Day we would like to celebrate the love of two Keesler couples. Below is the story of Tech. Sgt. Michael Johnson, 335th Training Squadron, DCAPES instructor .2016 was a difficult year for the Johnson family. During a visit made by Johnson’s brother and his family, Johnson thought

  • Valentine's Day love story

    This Valentine’s Day we would like to celebrate the love of two Keesler couples. Below is the story of retired Master Sgt. Kenneth Flynn, an EMSEC instructor. Kenneth Flynn met his wife while he was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany in October 1983. Flynn was 22 at the time and his now

  • I’m terrified and I will not fail

    I was sitting on the floor at Denver International Airport waiting for a flight to San Antonio. I leaned against a cool glass window in jeans and a black tee shirt, holding the Airman’s Creed on a business card with tiny letters in my hands. Several other trainees-to-be and I were taking turns

  • Everyone can take stand to end domestic violence

    Family Advocacy recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month by planning and conducting community activities designed to promote recognition of and responsiveness to the signs of intimate partner violence each October.  All branches of the military are working collaboratively to reduce the incidence

  • Medical residents battle it out in Jeopardy Bowl

    This past September, I was able to attend the American College of Physicians Army/Air Force conference in San Antonio, Texas along with two of my co-residents, Capt. Geoffrey Bader and Capt. Alan Bartholomew. ACP is an international organization specific to internal medicine. After years of

  • First term Airman, first time father Pt. 3: Welcome to our family!

    (This commentary is part 3 of a 3-part series about my and my wife’s journey to becoming first-time parents in the Air Force.) This journey to becoming a parent has been stressful, emotional, but above all rewarding. It’s hard to believe 9 months ago we found out about our little girl and now we get

  • One step closer to staff sergeant

    In the Air Force, and military as a whole, there are many, many instances of training seminars, esprit de corps functions, mentoring moments and professional development to be experienced. Few functions I’ve attended in my short career have worked to incorporate all those themes into one concise