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  • Learning to see in the dark

    On April 2, 2014, U.S. Army Capt. (Ret.) John Arroyo was a Green Beret stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. As Arroyo parked his car that morning, he heard gunshots exploding nearby. The next shot caught him, close range, in the throat. Arroyo managed to staunch the bleeding and found help from near-by

  • Keesler Chapel fosters resiliency

    In the months of September, October and November, the 81st Training Wing Chapel team has created three resiliency events targeting different cross-sections of the base community. The largest of the three events is Home Away from Home and will be happening Nov. 22. This event occurs each year on

  • 81st MDG celebrates National Physician Assistant Week

    National Physician Assistant Week is held annually October 6-12 to recognize the physician assistant profession and their contributions to the country’s health care system.   The physician assistant profession bears its origins in the military, as its cohort of four physician assistants in 1965 were

  • The Edge of Vision: SNITS

    Did you know that every human eye has a blind spot? It doesn’t matter who you are, your eye has a spot void of receptors that can’t see a thing. Don’t believe me? You can test it for yourself! Search online for “how to find your blind spot,” and you’ll find a slew of articles that will guide you to

  • National Doctors’ Day: Being a Medical Doctor in the Air Force

    National Doctors’ Day is a day to recognize, celebrate and pay tribute to physicians and their contributions to people’s lives and communities. Our doctors at Keesler Medical Center (KMC) are tasked to provide trusted care to our Airmen, their families and retirees. The work they do at KMC is

  • Why is it so bad to ask ‘why?’

    ‘Shut up and color.’Sound familiar?I, like many noncommissioned officers today, came up in an Air Force that seemed to cultivate a mentality that Airmen follow orders without wasting time with unnecessary questions. After all, this is the military and lives are at stake, right?

  • My heritage lives in me

    I'll never forget the night I first met him.   It was late and raining outside. We pulled up to his house in Tennessee and my dad and I walked up to the front door. When the door opened I saw a tall shadowy figure standing in front of me. He didn't say a single word. He just held out his hand and

  • Just Breathe

    “Breathe . . . just breathe Holly.” That was the last thing I told myself before walking into the doctor's room at the pediatric clinic on Ramstein Air Base in Germany. When I was growing up my favorite television shows were always centered on crime scene investigation. So when I joined the Air

  • The power of public affairs after a disaster

    It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday and I just finished physical training with my office. I checked my work cell phone and realized I missed a call. I called the number back to find it was a representative from Air Education and Training Command public affairs. I was told to start packing for a short-notice

  • What's in a badge?

    When out and about on the base, I’m often asked the meaning of my Air Force Inspector General Badge. More often than not, when I tell someone I work for the 81st Training Wing IG office, the common response is a raised eyebrow. This look obviously indicates some are leery or do not fully understand