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  • On wingmanship

    I have in the past and recently been put in the position to positively change a friend's life. Difficult times and loneliness sometimes plague our members. This is true in all branches of the military and I can attest to this, for I have served in both the Air Force and Marines, as well as been

  • Part Time PA

    As many know, Keesler Air Force Base is a training base and sometimes students must wait after arriving her to start class. It’s not uncommon for those students to receive special assignments to help out other squadrons in the wing. I recently arrived on Keesler as a brand new lieutenant and as

  • What does it mean to be a good a wingman?

    As I've gone through my career and most recently my last few years in Air Education and Training Command, I often ask our Airmen what it means to be a good wingman. I typically get the same few answers in response – take care of each other, hold people accountable, don't leave anyone behind –

  • Mold, mentor Airmen

    As most at Keesler know, our wing's primary mission is to train Airmen. This training is two-fold: we teach Airmen the technical aspects of their new jobs and we teach them how to become professional Airmen. We clearly articulate the expectation to perform in a manner that is consistent with Air

  • Brush up with the 81st Dental Squadron

       October is Dental Hygiene Month and the Keesler dental staff would like to remind you to do "The Daily Four." -Brush thoroughly twice a day-Floss -Use antimicrobial mouth rinse -Chew sugar-free gum when possible Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your

  • Family Advocacy helps strengthen bonds

    Healthy, satisfying relationships aren’t achieved accidentally; they require time, effort, and thoughtful maintenance. Here at Family Advocacy, we’re in the business of strengthening and supporting the relationships that make up military families. We understand and appreciate that every family has

  • Know your wingman: Practice suicide awareness year round

    “Be a good wingman.” We hear this phrase all the time in the Air Force. It’s ingrained into our culture. Being a wingman is synonymous with being an Airman. Being a good wingman means knowing and investing in those around you. No matter your rank, taking the time to learn about your fellow Airmen

  • Keesler's training through the years

    Oftentimes, the military requires an operations tempo that can feel completely overwhelming. In the technical training arena perhaps we don’t quite feel overwhelmed, but instead feel the training grind is non-stop. Well, many of our predecessors had to conduct training literally non-stop here at

  • 68 years of change and tradition

    Editor’s note: Information for this article was collected from base historical records and “Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia of the United States Air Force, World War II to Present” by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Anthony Aldebol.  On July 26, 1947, President Harry Truman signed into

  • Strength through resiliency: Remembering 9/11

    Every generation has a defining moment of tragedy or hardship. The Great Depression; the attack on Pearl Harbor; Sept. 11, 2001. And each generation of Americans can probably remember where they were or what they were doing when they first heard the news.Most Americans, who are old enough to