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  • Maintaining the Human Weapons System

    It all started during an Elmendorf staff meeting. Seeing a major I didn't know, I introduced myself. In reply she spoke a sentence that still echoes in my mind. "Hello Chief, I'm Major Jennifer Halter, I am a crew chief on the human weapons system." Puzzled, I asked for clarification and she

  • Lorenz on Leadership -- A tale of two instructors

    Air Education and Training Command is primarily made up of students and instructors. On the surface, the instructors simply teach certain skills so that students are ready for new challenges. In reality, they contribute so much more. Instructors make us better Airmen and continually raise our level

  • Lorenz on Leadership - Develop your vision

    Imagine, if you will, an adaptive training environment that sits inside a bare room. This environment can be manipulated to simulate any task - from simple to complex. With the flick of a switch or push of a button, the bare room transforms into a living, breathing, interactive experience. Sounds

  • Good feedback — honest 2-way communication

    After two years at Keesler, I've dealt with many complaints dealing with military and civilian personnel who felt that they had been wronged on their enlisted performance reports or appraisals. Day to day, things seem to be going well. Then all of a sudden they get their performance report -- to

  • We are "All In" a letter from SECAF and CSAF

    Dear Airmen: We continue to be deeply concerned about each Airman...Active Duty, Reserve and Civilian... who chooses to take his or her own life. One suicide is too many, and we cannot let our guard down as we work to prevent the next. As leaders, supervisors and wingmen, we must be vigilant and

  • Lorenz on Leadership - Today's Airmen

    Recently, I had the distinct honor to attend the Airman's Coin Ceremony at Lackland AFB. It is always a privilege for me to meet the terrific men and women who train and are trained in what seems like a timeless setting. That day, the crystal blue sky melted into the field of blue-suited trainees

  • Air show fever overtakes Red Wolves classroom

    It was a random Wednesday afternoon and my programming class had just finished its progress check. Well, maybe not so random. It was, after all, air show week! My students were exhausted and dragging, trying to get through those last boring minutes of class. All through their progress check, we

  • Wingman ... leader ... warrior

    This week we said farewell to our leader, Brig. Gen. Gregory Touhill, as he completed an outstanding 18 months as commander of the 81st Training Wing. General Touhill departs this weekend for CAPSTONE, an intensive six-week general officer course consisting of classroom seminars and visits to key

  • Thunder on the Bay rolls: Showcasing our rebuilding, renewing, reloading

    It is Air Show Week! After a five-year hiatus, Keesler welcomes the community back with what promises to be the best air show we've ever hosted. Featuring the Air Force Thunderbirds, the "Thunder on the Bay" Air Show is our capstone event celebrating our ongoing mission of Rebuilding, Renewing and

  • Welcome to “Thunder on the Bay”

    Welcome to the 2009 Keesler Air Force Base "Thunder on the Bay" Air Show and Open House! We are delighted to be hosting the first air show at Keesler in five years and are extremely honored to invite you -- our community partners and neighbors -- to join us firsthand in personally witnessing the