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  • Take a stand for your Wingman

    The Department of Defense released its Fiscal 2008 Report on Sexual Assault in the Military last week, noting that the number of reports had increased by 8 percent over 2007. An 8 percent increase ... is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. In fact, those most familiar with the department's campaign

  • Lorenz on Leadership: Creating candor

    If you ever have the chance to observe a flight debrief after a training sortie, you should jump at the chance. You will witness something special.In the debrief, everyone makes constructive comments -- positive and negative -- regardless of their position or rank. If the flight lead did something

  • He’s an Airman forever

    He's in your way at the base exchange when you're in a hurry. He's the one pushing the cart in front of you at the commissary taking up the whole aisle. He's the one driving the Cadillac 30 miles an hour on the highway -- in the fast lane -- and in front of you with his blinker on the entire time.

  • Taking care of our own

    This week marks the start of Keesler's Air Force Assistance Fund campaign. This is not to be confused with the fall's Combined Federal Campaign, which does an incredible amount of great things for charities across our community and across our nation. Rather, the Air Force Assistance Fund campaign is

  • Next text could be your last

    Did you read the Sun Herald on Sunday? If you didn't, I highly recommend you read Robin Fitzgerald's article titled, "OMG! TWD is definitely not kewl." In the article, Ms. Fitzgerald highlights the dangers we face with drivers on our public roadways sending text messages...while driving! Texting

  • Spring forward to future

    This weekend we will "spring forward" as we set our clocks ahead one hour. Many folks lament this rite of spring and bemoan the fact that we "lose" an hour of sleep. The fact is, however, that you don't lose anything if you plan ahead. If you look at it the right way, this weekend could be the start

  • Military leadership in a civilianized force

    Thirty or even 20 years ago when our Airmen reported to duty, more than likely, in most assignments, they worked side by side, day in and day out, night in and night out next to another Airman, soldier or sailor. Except for encounters at the base exchange, gas station or club, most of their daily

  • Give a hoot, Team Keesler!

    Mardi Gras is over and evidence of the fun is everywhere. Unfortunately, the evidence includes trash littering our base and community. It is time to do some spring cleaning! When I was a kid, the Department of the Interior introduced us to Woodsy the Owl, a peer of Smokey the Bear. Woodsy would make

  • Joint service experience molds young Airman

    Since my first day of technical school, I have loved working in a joint service environment. My tech school had students from every single branch of service. Training in a joint environment was a very positive thing which molded me into a better Airman. I was able to see the pros and cons to each

  • Faithful to a proud heritage

    February is celebrated as African-American Heritage Month, and Keesler's highlight event for the observance was Tuesday's luncheon at the Dragon's Lair. I've been asked by junior Airmen why, in this time of war and very busy schedules, we pause to reflect on our heritage. Why do we celebrate our