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  • It’s time to try thinking inside the box

    While recently attending a lecture, the speaker asked, "Why think outside of the box? What if the answer lies inside the box?" Hmmm ... that made a lot of sense to me. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to think outside the box that we lose sight of the basic principals that got you where you are

  • Every base a fortress, every Airman a defender

    During World War II, Winston Churchill once said, "Every air base shall be a fortress and every Airman shall be a defender." This simple statement best explains integrated defense. Since 1996, the security forces, much like our brother and sister Air Force organizations, have been transforming and

  • Reflection, action, honor

    On Nov 11, America observes Veteran's Day, a day to celebrate the sacrifices of veterans in the service of our country. The observance originally marked the cessation of hostilities at the end of World War I and many countries hold observances on Nov. 11 in honor of their veterans and fallen

  • Priceless opportunities outside comfort zone

    For many, the subject of leadership permeates our daily conversations, and with good reason, for without effective leadership the mission suffers. Often we acknowledge the criticality of leadership to our operations, yet stop short of exploring some methods we can use to develop our people. One

  • Keeping "why" in forefront

    It is human nature to want to know why we are asked to do things. People typically perform better when they understand the "why" behind the task. We shouldn't accept, "that's the way we've always done things" or "because I said so" as the proper answers. Understanding the "whys" is a two-way street.

  • Save electricity, save $$, at home and work

    Electricity is a constant in our lives. It works silently and dependably, and most people take for granted that it will always be there. It literally flows into all facets of our life. From the stoplights that keep us safe, to the computers we use at work -- even the microwave we use to prepare

  • You're vital to base security

    Our 81st Security Forces Squadron does a great job protecting us and has been very innovative in implementing Integrated Base Defense. The advent of the bicycle-mounted Falcon patrols, introduction of new technologies such as infrared and ground radar monitoring and mobile all-terrain vehicles give

  • If we can’t confront, what kind of leaders are we?

    Although it was four years ago (but not at Keesler), I remember very clearly the words out of our new group commander's mouth immediately after his assumption of command. He made all officers and senior noncommissioned officers remain behind as he dismissed the others. The few words that he hurled

  • Welfare of people motivates new first sergeant

    I recently celebrated my 16th year in the Air Force. While reflecting on my career, I wondeed about my motivation to become a first sergeant. Luckily, I was on the way to my weekly "long run" which included the Ocean Springs Bridge, so I had plenty of time to ponder the question. I always wanted to

  • Air Force celebrates 61st birthday

    Sept. 18 marks the 61st anniversary of the official creation of the United States Air Force. In the aftermath of World War II, the Congress of the United States passed legislation reorganizing the armed forces of our country, creating not only the Air Force, but also establishing the National