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  • Feedback focus--situation, behavior, impact

    The chief master sergeant of the Air Force recently authored a perspective on "Evaluating our Airmen." He talked about "the constant challenge of over-inflated performance reports, and distinguishing between our truly exceptional performers and those who are just meeting standards." As leaders we

  • NFL, Air Force--be professional

    The NFL football season is upon us, and I've already seen some folks debating the merits of their favorite professional football team. Fantasy football players are already busy scrutinizing statistics and arguing over who is the "more professional" player. Have you ever noted that those players that

  • Check Six: The key to situational awareness

    Every fighter pilot knows the phrase "Check Six." Do you? "Check Six" refers to making sure you have situational awareness and know who is behind you (that is, your six o'clock position) trying to shoot you down. When a fighter pilot tells his wingman to "Check Six," it means to have a look behind

  • Wounded warriors give inspirational view of courage

    Last week I had the opportunity to meet men and women of courage. I visited the Center for the Intrepid at the Brooke Army Medical Center and met fellow Americans who have been disabled by both combat and non-combat related injuries. Meeting these young airmen, soldiers, sailors, and marines was

  • Take that Katrina--Keesler's back!

    Before I received orders last December, I was given a choice between Keesler or Pope Air Force Base, N. C.  I chose Keesler for a number of reasons, but the biggest was Hurricane Katrina. As a journalist, I wanted to tell the stories of people who found hope despite the destruction and began

  • Viewing Keesler with fresh set of eyes

    The last two months have been a blur -- packing out at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, going-away luncheons, taking leave in Kentucky, the change of command, the chief master sergeant of the Air Force visit, the Innkeeper Award team visit and the list goes on. It has been a power-packed two months

  • Personal challenge: equal time for TV sports, fitness

    Did you see the Olympic basketball game between the United States and China? Holy smokes! An estimated one billion people around the world saw some of the world's best athletes pound the hard court in a stunning victory for the Americans. Did you see Michael Phelps shatter the world record in

  • Airman's Creed embodies warrior heritage

    I am very excited to be a part of Team Keesler and back in Mississippi. I began my Air Force career here more than 25 years ago and, at that time, we didn't have an Airman's Creed. In fact, the Airman's Creed is just 15 months old. First introduced on April 18, 2007, by former Air Force Chief of

  • Embrace the Olympic spirit--strive for your personal best

    Will you be watching the Olympics? What a fantastic spectacle of sport and national pride as the world's greatest athletes compete to earn the medals that distinguish them as the Olympic champions! Not many of us have the very rare combination of athletic skill, discipline, and training that would

  • Supervisors, don't leave your Airmen behind

    The final paragraph of the Airman's Creed states, "I will never leave an Airman behind," which goes beyond the battlefield. All around our Air Force, Airmen are "left behind" daily. Every time an Airman fails a fitness test or dorm inspection, misses an appointment, wears the uniform incorrectly, a