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  • For successful Airman to emulate, look no farther than Chief Sanders

    Today marks the end of a long and distinguished career in the service of our great nation as Chief Master Sergeant Errol "Sandy" Sanders retires after 30 years of faithful and devoted service. The world is a lot different in those 30 plus years since young Sandy Sanders raised his hand and joined our great Air Force. The great threat faced by
  • Celebrating Keesler's past and future: Cherish heritage, tradition of honor, legacy of valor

    This past week was a great week where we celebrated the past as well as our future. As America's Airmen, we remain faithful to a proud heritage, a tradition of honor and a legacy of valor. At Keesler, we were treated to vivid reminders of those portions of our Airman's Creed with the visit of Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Rod McKinley and
  • Find what motivates team to get desired results

    One of the greatest lessons in leadership I've learned is from watching Harrison Ford -- not him specifically, but if you'll recall, one of the "Indiana Jones" movies was centered on the Crusades. After watching that movie, I started to read a lot about medieval history and in particular, the Crusades. The Crusades were nine separate campaigns,
  • Kids offer simple reminder of "Service Before Self"

    Robert Fulghum authored a book cleverly titled, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." In this entertaining and informative book, Mr. Fulghum discussed the life's lessons he learned as a child and how they aptly apply to adult life; things such as saying please and thank you, washing your hands before dinner, and making time to play
  • To be a good leader, be a good servant

    Lead by example. Trench leadership. Servant leadership. I am sure everyone has heard at least one of these leadership descriptions, but what do they mean and more importantly, how do you put them in place? Everyone wants to be the quarterback running the show, but sometimes that is not what is required. Knowing our role and playing the correct role
  • "Customer service" or can't support"?

    When I was a Communications Squadron commander, I used to point to the initials "CS" on our unit ball caps and tell my squadron mates that the CS stood for "Customer Service" not "Can't Support." My squadron mates embraced that attitude of customer service and we soon became the best squadron on base because our customers told us we delivered great
  • Rebuilding means more than bricks, mortar, concrete

    Our wing mission statement is "Rebuilding the Base, Renewing the Community, and Reloading the Air Force" and Keesler Air Force Base has made significant strides in each over the last several months. To many, the "Rebuilding the Base" portion is centered on the very visible daily sign of progress as we marvel at the rise of our new housing areas, we
  • Details matter: let's recommit to discipline, high standards

    I've been very fortunate in my career to have served in a number of assignments that span several decades and several major commands. While my first command was the Tactical Air Command (TAC), where innovation was cherished and competition fostered constant improvement, I have a special place in my heart for the lessons I learned in the Strategic
  • Striving for better environment? Adopt conservation mindset

    Did you know that the Air Force is the nation's top purchaser of green power, electricity generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, low-impact biomass and low-impact hydro resources? It's pretty impressive to know that last year the Air Force purchased nearly 900 million kilowatts of green
  • This weekend, let's give thanks

    This weekend is more than a three-day weekend. We as Americans, we as Keesler Airmen, have an awful lot to be thankful for and should make some time to say thanks to those who have given us so much to enjoy the special freedoms of America. Special Olympics For example, let's say thanks to those who worked so hard to make last weekend's Special