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  • Spiritual fitness: Just as important as physical fitness

    We have noticed since we set foot upon the ground here almost three months ago that people are willing to endure a lot to keep their bodies in shape. They will execute with meticulous precision, diets, weight-lifting and aerobic routines, cycling feats, chin-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. It takes

  • Preventing injuries with mouth guards

    As the summer season winds up, so do outdoor activities - and dental injuries are the most frequently incurred facial injuries from sports activities. A mouth guard, a flexible custom fitted device worn over teeth during athletic and recreational activities to protect them from damage, is a device

  • A legacy to look forward to

    Take a stroll around Keesler. Everywhere you look, you'll see our heritage on display with plaques honoring those before us: Chief Master Sgt. Etchberger Way, The Levitow Training Support Facility and our base's namesake, Samuel Keesler, all have a mighty legacy of their own. Now, after 74 years, we

  • Former newspaper staff shares Keesler News memories

    Many former Keesler News staff members and public affairs personnel have vivid memories about working for the newspaper. Everyone served at different times with different teammates, but a love of telling the Air Force story is commonplace amongst the diverse background that is the Keesler News

  • Keesler News helped civilian to hone writing skills

    (Editor's note: Susan Griggs was the Keesler News editor from 2009-2012, and is now the community relations representative.)Now is the time to try something new.That was my fortune cookie message at my going-away luncheon before I began a new job at Keesler Air Force Base in August 1996. I was the

  • Lessons learned at Keesler springboard career

    Bill Lincicome took the valuable skills he learned as a writer for the Keesler News to other public affairs assignments and to his current job as a journalism instructor at the Defense Information School, Fort Meade, Md. In 11 years at DINFOS, the retired master sergeant has turned his KN

  • Heavy drinking: Highway to disaster

    Heavy drinking is defined as consuming five or more standard drinks in one sitting. It is also considered "high risk" drinking due to the health concerns associated with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Many stories about heavy drinking are glamorized, not publicized, or forgotten altogether,

  • Waiting on Cyber’s Billy Mitchell

    "The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to get an old one out."- Sir B. H. Liddell-HartHeritage -- As a military, and increasingly as a branch of service, we look back on the valor and courage of our predecessor's achievements and wish to emulate those actions.

  • Training Airmen, embrace the responsibility

    The 81st Training Wing's primary mission is to provide students with the military and technical training required to ensure our Air Force remains the most technically proficient, best educated and best trained Air Force on the planet.As superintendent of the 335th Training Squadron, I have the honor

  • Rouxs, stews, and the holy trinity: An education in gumbo

    Sometimes I like trying new things.While my friends back home in chilly Illinois may not think I'm too adventurous, living on the Gulf Coast has opened me up to new life experiences . . . specifically in the food and social interaction departments.Back home is red meat and potatoes country; we don't