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  • We need to do better job of sharing Air Force story

    Last week, Maj. Gen. Paul Selva, Air Force director of strategic planning, was quoted by The Associated Press as saying the Air Force has a requirement for an additional $20 billion each year over the next five years to solve the problem of an already aged aircraft fleet stressed to its limit by

  • Reaching our goals for 2008

    The senior leadership team met off-site at the end of last month to review where we've been and where we're going and I'd like to share with you our goals for 2008. The men and women of Keesler did a marvelous job during 2007 and our list of things we are doing well on was a page and half long. It

  • Drinking and driving is never a good idea

    Is there anyone who hasn't already heard about the dangers of drinking and driving? You may think you can handle it, that you haven't had that much, that it won't happen to you. Think again, and this time, think about this: when you've had one too many and reach into your pocket for your car keys,

  • Keep Safety In Mind To Ensure Your Holiday Season Is Happy

    Let's talk about holiday safety. What's that? Think we can talk too much about holiday safety? Forget about it! I want each and every Airman at Keesler to return from the holidays safe, sound and ready for duty. The success of our mission depends on you and I appreciate your service to our great

  • As Air Force ambassadors we must be good neighbors

    Where are you from? I get asked that all the time as I represent the wing at functions on- and off-base. What do you do for a living? I get asked that, too. How would you answer those questions? The best answer is that I'm an Airman from Keesler Air Force Base. We're all Airmen When asked what they

  • Now’s time to reinvigorate awareness of safety issues

    Please accept my thanks for another tremendous fiscal year in executing the 2nd Air Force mission of "Producing the best-trained, combat-ready Airmen." Your extraordinary efforts resulted in the production of more than 119,000 technical training graduates and 29,000 new Airmen from basic military

  • Combined Federal Campaign opportunity for giving back

    Each year the Combined Federal Campaign gives us the opportunity to help our Mississippi Gulf Coast community by giving money to organizations that couldn't survive without our support. Established in 1961 by President John Kennedy via executive order, CFC is the single authorized solicitation of

  • Thank you, Team Keesler, for great welcome home

    Twenty-four years ago this week, a very young second lieutenant from Pittsburgh, Pa., arrived at Keesler to begin an exciting Air Force career. Back then, electronics technical training for officers was eight months long and I spent those months learning the basics of electronics, computers,

  • Corner post of core values set long before boot camp

    Air Force core values aren't handed out at boot camp with with uniforms. Our core values do help us define our expectations, goals and standards, but we all learned values long before we put on the uniform. I learned a lot of my values growing up on a farm in Missouri. I particularly remember a

  • Lightning strikes are no joke so take this threat seriously

    I was watching the news the other night and I saw a video of several kids playing in the rain. In the video, a lightning bolt hit the ground near the group, almost knocking them off their feet. "Wow! That was close," the anchor said. Close indeed -- those children were lucky to be alive. We often