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  • Successful Air Force recruits represent best of the best

    After completing a 12-year stint with Air Force Recruiting Service and returning to an Air Force installation, it didn't take long for my peers to ask, "How hard can it be to put someone into the Air Force?" I must admit, I'm surprised at how many Air Force members don't know much about the

  • Don't wait for Memorial Day to say thanks to our veterans

    The official Memorial Day has been observed for 2007; however, at the 124 national cemeteries across the U.S., every day is a chance for Americans to honor their veterans. Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors from all eras lie side-by-side with a common theme -- they served their country well. A

  • Pedestrians: Rules of road apply to you, too

    You're on foot. I'm driving a vehicle that weighs in at 2 1/4 tons. If we make contact, the outcome is a no-brainer. Incredibly, some pedestrians just don't get it. Or, they think the rules of the road don't apply to them. Take, for example, the slender blonde in a white T-shirt, blue shorts and

  • Thanks, Mom, for reminder of how important it is to vote

    I recently received two important election reminders in the mail. The first was my absentee ballot to vote in the upcoming election. The second was a letter from my mother. You may wonder why a letter from my mother would be an election reminder. It all started at 4:38 a.m. Nov.6, 1962, a cold

  • World-class medical care goal of surgical services

    World-class medical care remains the fundamental goal of the 81st Surgical Operations Squadron. Since resuming surgical services last August, the number and complexity of procedures have increased significantly. We're excited to offer a broad range of specialties including obstetrics and gynecology,

  • Be a part of something bigger - so what does that mean?

    We've all heard it before. Many of us have even said it. But what does it mean "to be part of something bigger than ourselves?" "So there I was" (all good war stories start that way) ... I joined the Air Force for the adventure, the travel, and oh yeah, to make a living. I stayed, because I liked

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! The past year has been a time of record achievement, progress and renewed hope for the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Keesler Air Force Base. It has been a story of heroes, men and women of Team Keesler and hundreds of contractors and volunteers, who have come together to mark a pivotal

  • Celebrating hurricane-free 2006

    I've added a new calendar date to my list of holidays -- Nov. 30. A holiday is a special day set aside for celebrating or giving thanks, and I think the official end of the hurricane season rises to that level. Nov. 30, we breathed a collective sigh of relief as the first hurricane season after the

  • Remember to thank veterans for keeping America free

    Veterans Day -- a time for reflection, a day for honoring and remembering.  Our great nation was born on the ideals of life, liberty and justice. Throughout our history, men and women from towns across every state have answered the call to protect the basic principles that have made this country

  • Core values: Air Force's clear roadmap to correctness

    In a letter to his grandson, Thomas Jefferson exposed a weighty vulnerability in all of us.An excerpt of the letter reads, "My Dear Grandson: Your situation, thrown at such a distance from us, and alone, cannot but give me great anxieties for you. "Thrown on a wide world among entire strangers,